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As a BA(Hons) Communication and Media student I opted for the Professional Writing unit in year 2. As part of the unit I had to write a feature article relating to Bournemouth town. I chose to write a piece on the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum… enjoy ARTY-FACTS Discovering the Hidden Gems of Bournemouth With … Continue reading

Writing for Radio

As I have probably mentioned before one of the most enjoyable aspects of studying BA(Hons) Communication and Media is the opportunity to write creatively. As part of my Professional Writing Unit I had the chance to work on the opening scenes of a radio drama.  The inspiration for Khaki Breeches came from reading a plaque on … Continue reading

Studying Groups

As part of my second year studies at Bournemouth University I studied a unit entitled Groups,Teams and Organisations. After getting used to completing assignments individually we were placed into groups of three to conduct  a study of group interaction and produce  a group essay. I worked alongside Craig Spence and Samuel Teckman. We chose to observe group … Continue reading

Website analysis

A Website Analysis of The Times Online. “If users get lost on a website they leave.” (Nielsen 1995) Times Online is the current website of The Times and The Sunday Times newspapers. Founded in 1996, Times Online has become one of the most viewed newspaper websites in the UK and internationally with “ 21.4 million monthly … Continue reading

Short Story Fiction

The following short story was written for the professional writing unit of BA Communication and Media at Bournemouth University. The story is a snippet of childhood in rural Scotland in the sixties. ‘Rags’ By Martin McKenzie Edward. Wee Malcolm was busy, very busy in his own wee world. He was far too busy to be … Continue reading

A little Poetry

One of the most pleasing aspects of doing a Communication and Media degree at Bournemouth University is the opportunity to tackle some creative projects. This poem was written in year one of my degree and is my attempt at a sonnet. FLUFF – BAGS Protection assured from the winter cold Malcolm and Barney are called … Continue reading

Student Baking? a piece of cake.

Fancy a treat?  Don’t you just fancy a huge slice of chocolate cake ? Why not have a crack at possibly the easiest cake recipe EVER. To make it even easier for you here is a step by step guide to chocolate cake heaven. I accept I am not in the league of pudding king James … Continue reading

Thrills and spills Vancouver 2010

Anyone willing to hurtle down a mountain at  95mph in a tiny metal pod deserves respect. Bobsleigh is like F1 on ice. But when it goes wrong it can be spectacular as the world saw when Britain’s 2 man bob crashed out of Vancouver 2010. If we are honest  we vicarious thrill seekers only watch … Continue reading

Tribute to Bobby Cox Dundee Legend

Saturday 20 February 2010 saw the sad passing away of ‘Mr Dundee’ Bobby Cox. The English dictionary defines “legend” as a story handed down from generation to generation and all Dundee supporters have been told the story of Bobby Cox from their fathers or grandfathers. There can be no doubt he was a Dundee Football … Continue reading

Q&A: A slice of life with Jenna Rattue.

Jenna Rattue is a 20 year old Communications and Media student at Bournemouth University.To find out a little bit more about Jenna I asked her to reveal a bit more about her life and hopes for the future in a twittering fashion. Q What made you choose Bournemouth University? A Although I live in Salisbury … Continue reading