My five favourite websites

BBC News online is ideal for catching up on what is going on in the world. I used to be all anti licence fee but I guess studying the media has given me a new perspective on things. The BBC is like the NHS really, we all like a good moan about it. But can you really imagine life without it??

As a student at Bournemouth Uni I would be lost without myBU. If I need to know something that is even remotely connected to my course then it is highly probable that I will find it here.

Football is a passion (yes I know what you are thinking). I probably visit Dundee FC online every single day of the year.

I love the way technology just keeps moving and moving. I can remember watching ‘Happy Days’ as a child on our first ever colour telly. I thought The Fonz was the coolest guy on the entire planet. These days I think being able to watch television programmes anytime and anywhere on tv catchup is as cool as Fonzie in 1978.

For current affairs it is difficult to top the ‘Today Programme’ . If it is news then it will be there.

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