Q&A: A slice of life with Jenna Rattue.

Jenna showing the world she is no lemon

Jenna Rattue is a 20 year old Communications and Media student at Bournemouth University.To find out a little bit more about Jenna I asked her to reveal a bit more about her life and hopes for the future in a twittering fashion.

Q What made you choose Bournemouth University?

A Although I live in Salisbury being close to home was not a factor. I knew Bournemouth Uni had  a Media School with a fabulous reputation so that made my decision very easy.

Q What did you last see at the cinema?

A Up in the air starring George Clooney. It was Brilliant and I highly recommend it. Buy your sweeties in advance though as the pick n mix is a bit overpriced for a poor student.

Q Who is your best friend in the whole world?

A Bekka Cox! we have been friends since we were 4 years old.We fell out at 9 and met again at college. Bekka is also a housemate and fellow student. I have lots of friends but she is my best mate.

Q Do you have any pets?

A A ginger tom called Ozzie. He is a big cat but not a fat cat. He still lives in Salisbury though as he is a bit of a scaredy cat.

Jenna's cat Ozzie

Q Talking of pets what are your pet hates?

A I really hate untidy people. Leave a mess in our house at your peril. My biggest pet hate would have to be when housemates do not empty the bin and it begins to smell… grrr

Q What do you regard as your biggest achievement?

A Getting the grades that allowed me to come here to Bournemouth Uni. My media teacher Richard Eno said I wouldn’t get the grades I needed but here I am!

Q What could a guest expect if you invited them to your house for dinner?

A I love pasta! I could eat pasta on its own with cheese. I am a great cook and  dinner guests would probably find themselves tucking into a plate of spag bol or a nice curry. If you are really lucky it will be Sunday and that means roast.

Q Finally, what do you want to be when you grow up?

A A career in journalism would be nice perhaps working for The Independent although I have not ruled out the possibility of advertising. I am happy to keep my options open and take the great opportunities that BA(Hons) Communication and Media will undoubtedly offer.


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