Thrills and spills Vancouver 2010

Anyone willing to hurtle down a mountain at  95mph in a tiny metal pod deserves respect. Bobsleigh is like F1 on ice. But when it goes wrong it can be spectacular as the world saw when Britain’s 2 man bob crashed out of Vancouver 2010.

Team GB John Jackson and Dan Money

If we are honest  we vicarious thrill seekers only watch from our armchairs for the possibility of a crash. We don’t want to see competitors hurt but we do love a good crash. If like me you view it as a little too risky  then you could always experience the speed and thrill of this sport from the comfort of your gaming chair.

Imagine sitting in a small metal pod, flying around 90-degree bends at 95mph, just inches away from a frozen surface harder than concrete. Well  now you can thanks to Sega

One Response to “Thrills and spills Vancouver 2010”
  1. I don’t know if you saw, but the British female two man bob went the exact same way! Upside-down. Maybe they were a couple of over-the-top publicity stunts?

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