A little Poetry

One of the most pleasing aspects of doing a Communication and Media degree at Bournemouth University is the opportunity to tackle some creative projects. This poem was written in year one of my degree and is my attempt at a sonnet.

Former fluff bag Malcolm - now just one of the family.


Protection assured from the winter cold

Malcolm and Barney are called to the task.

Under the pie crust carefully installed,

keeping hot water hot! like a Thermos flask.

Cold rubber bellies are emptied each night,

glug-glug-glugging before being refilled.

Hey! put the kettle on! … causes a fight,

Careful … Careful … not a drop to be spilled.

Now we have two there is no need to share,

no more squabbling like brother and sister,

no more late night debates, fair or unfair,

four feet jostling for space just like twister.

As summer returns we are tickled pink,

Malcolm and Barney back under the sink.

2 Responses to “A little Poetry”
  1. gEO says:

    Awesome, love it:):-

  2. Holly says:

    Martin I absolutely ADORE this poem it is so cute! And really well written, love it xx

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