Thrills and spills Vancouver 2010

Anyone willing to hurtle down a mountain at  95mph in a tiny metal pod deserves respect. Bobsleigh is like F1 on ice. But when it goes wrong it can be spectacular as the world saw when Britain’s 2 man bob crashed out of Vancouver 2010. If we are honest  we vicarious thrill seekers only watch … Continue reading

Tribute to Bobby Cox Dundee Legend

Saturday 20 February 2010 saw the sad passing away of ‘Mr Dundee’ Bobby Cox. The English dictionary defines “legend” as a story handed down from generation to generation and all Dundee supporters have been told the story of Bobby Cox from their fathers or grandfathers. There can be no doubt he was a Dundee Football … Continue reading

Anyone with an enthusiastic approach to football will be right at home with The site is owned by the 365 media group which has an extensive sports portfolio which includes Sporting Life and Sky Sports. There are numerous advertisements weaved into the overall construction of the site which can be a major distraction. In terms … Continue reading