Timeline: Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites which allow users to connect with each other online have grown into one of themost popular features on the World Wide Web. Here is a brief history some of the most popular sites which have risen to world wide popularity. 1985 –  The origins of  social network sites began with the emergence … Continue reading


Anyone with an enthusiastic approach to football will be right at home with Football365.com. The site is owned by the 365 media group which has an extensive sports portfolio which includes Sporting Life and Sky Sports. There are numerous advertisements weaved into the overall construction of the site which can be a major distraction. In terms … Continue reading

A traditional Scottish Breakfast

I imagine there are thousands of students who miss Mum’s cooking. Culturally and regionally there must be food that you miss more than any other food in the world. Lorne sausage is a square shaped sausage that originates from Lorne Street market in my beloved ‘City of Discovery’. Well I have made a bit of … Continue reading

The search begins…

Thanks to another bout of Insomnia I have found Lost Amigos , so with a little bit of luck I might get the chance to rekindle some really special friendships. I will be digging out the old Kibbutz pics and uploading on to Lost Amigos in the coming weeks…. I will keep you posted if … Continue reading

My five favourite websites

BBC News online is ideal for catching up on what is going on in the world. I used to be all anti licence fee but I guess studying the media has given me a new perspective on things. The BBC is like the NHS really, we all like a good moan about it. But can … Continue reading